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The “Content & Image Creator” is a Python script designed to assist users in generating comprehensive blog content (text and images) and seamlessly integrating it into a professionally formatted Word document. This tool leverages advanced AI capabilities provided by OpenAI to generate engaging content based on user-defined prompts and keywords. Additionally, it can incorporate visually appealing images relevant to the content.


  • Python 3.12.1 or later installed on your system.
  • Installation of required Python libraries: docx, PIL, asyncio, openai, and requests.
  • Access to the OpenAI API, with a valid API key stored in a file named api_details.txt.
  • Active internet connection for accessing the OpenAI API and downloading images.

Instructions to Run:

  1. Ensure Python 3.12.1 or later is installed on your system.
  2. Install the required Python libraries using pip:
    pip install python-docx pillow openai requests
  3. Obtain an API key from OpenAI and store it in a file named api_details.txt. Place this file in the same directory as the Python script.
  4. Customize the input parameters by running the script and following the prompts. These parameters include the topic, keywords, focus keyword, intended audience, purpose of the blog, content length, and whether images are required.
  5. Review the generated content and images.
  6. Confirm whether you want to proceed with generating the blog content and saving it to a Word document.
  7. Once the script finishes execution, a Word document named output_document.docx will be created in the same directory. This document will contain the generated content formatted according to the provided specifications.
  8. Open the Word document to review and further customize the content as needed before publishing.

Note: Ensure compliance with OpenAI’s usage policies and guidelines when utilizing the OpenAI API for content generation.

By using this tool, you can efficiently create high-quality blog content, attracting and engaging your audience with compelling narratives and visually appealing imagery.



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